supplies a video and DVD service to all genres of Melbourne based musicians and performers. Our aim at is to actively promote musicians and bands in this great city.

In these days of intense competition in the entertainment industry, it's imperative that any performer whether solo artist, or group, realises that professionalism is THE key to gaining that much sought after break, and can help you get that break. And, we'll do it in a professional manner, at highly competetive rates, and with no fuss and minimal intrusion. Our camera operators are skilled, and highly regarded within the music industry.

We understand your needs, because we have a unique perspective on musician's requirements.

Just what makes us unique? For a start, we and our camera operators have enjoyed a long and happy association with various aspects of the Melbourne music scene. How? Not just because we've doing this for some time now, but some of our staff are working musicians themselves in gigging bands, and so we rightfully feel uniquely qualified to not only offer the very best service possible at competitive rates, but to give you exactly the kind of broadcast quality clip you need to promote your band, your voice.

To give you the best chance at getting your clip aired on national television, is affiliated with Noise Tv, aired on both SBS and Channel 31. This means that your clip is guaranteed to receive television exposure, which, let's face it, is an attractive proposition for any performer, whether you're a seasoned veteran, or an up and coming new act. It means you'll gain more exposure in one showing, than in a full years worth of gigs. is an expanding company, whose clientele has included:The Kissingers, Translate, Daddy Cool, Broderick Smith, and Jessica Paige to name just a few - check out our "shameless plugs" page for some glowing testimonials on our services.

A final point; please don't think that once we've produced your clip that, our involvement in your success is necessarily complete. Our relationship with you can be ongoing. Some of our past clients use's services time and again, not just for their television appearances, but for DVD production as well.

So finally, whether it's a live performance, DVD production, or a staged shoot that's totally representative of your style and image, can supply your need at very competetive prices. Again, check out our testimonials on the "shameless plugs" page, and enjoy some sample clips of our work.